Kick start the new year with clear, healthy skin

Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe another year is already behind us? With all the busy-ness of Christmas festivitites over, it’s a good time to sit down and review our new year resolution list and set some meaningful goals for the year ahead.

Whilst all of you will have different targets to hit and dreams to fulfil, one thing’s for sure… we could all make a new year skincare resolution!

Having clear, healthy skin not only looks good, but it’s a sign of us taking care of ourselves. It’s self-love and skin protection all-in-one.

If you want your skin to be breakout free and glowing this year, here are some habits to adopt as part of your new year’s skincare resolution:

Thou shalt get into a regular skin care routine and cleanse twice daily

Yes, even if you don’t wear makeup! It’s super important to rid our skin of the dirt and grime that builds up not only throughout the day (thanks to pollutants!) but also throughout the night as we get our beauty sleep!

Set a trigger to remind yourself to stick to your skincare routine. Whether that trigger is brushing your teeth or finishing your brekkie, this is an important new year’s skincare resolution to adopt.

Find a way to make it stick and your skin will reward you with a healthy looking complexion.

Thou shalt drink 2 litres of water every day

Have often do you find yourself dying for a cold glass of water just before bed? You’re not alone!

Get ahead of the game and make sure you drink at least the recommended daily 2 litres of water a day. A great way to do this is to leave a big glass by your bed for you to drink in the morning as soon as you wake up!

This is a perfect new year’s skincare resolutions because your skin not only improves due to the added hydration (think replenished, youthful and luminous looking skin), but your overall health will improve due to increased energy and the removal of toxins from the body, win-win!

Joss and Joy

Thou shalt regularly clean makeup brushes and sponges as part of my weekly skin care routine

Dirty makeup brushes and sponges are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  Not great if you want to keep your skin from breaking out.   Make it part of your skincare routine to regular wash and clean your make up tools, in particular your foundation and powder brushes.   Imagine all that old make-up building up on your brushes.  If you don’t regularly cleanse, it just goes straight back onto your skin.  Ewwww!

And its not just used brushes you need to keep in top condition.  Its also important to give newly purchased brushes and sponges a clean before using them.  Your skin will love you for it!  And given the good money you pay for your makeup tools, you want to make sure to look after your investment for the long term.

Thou shalt regularly conduct skin TLC

Everyday you should show your skin some TLC, but we’re talking bigger than your everyday skincare routine for this new year’s resolution.

Every so often, once a week is a good place to start, take time to thoroughly look after your skin. You may decide to steam it to open up those pores and then exfoliate to buff away dead skin and dirt, minimising pimples (YAY!).

A mask is then usually a good choice. Let your skin drink up the benefits and also enjoy some me-time and truly relax.

Incorporating this skincare habit will not only benefit your complexion, but it also helps you to practice mindfulness and bring some calm into your life.

Thou shalt listen to my skin’s needs

Whilst we typically do have a skin type (eg. oily, combination, dry etc…), our skin is never in one state. Sometimes oily skin might be clear, other times it might be breakout city! Normal skin might get oily or dry patches from time to time.

This key is to listen! That way you can best serve your skin’s needs.

If you have drier or more clogged up skin than usual, it might be time for a gentle exfoliation.

If you’re experiencing a skin dry spell, take a facial mist with you when you go about your day to keep your skin regularly hydrated.

Only you can make these decisions, and it will get easier over time to tell exactly what your skin needs. It’s a new years skincare resolution that allows you to become more intune with yourself, which is always a beautiful thing.

What’s your new year resolution? We’d love to hear from you!

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Kick start the new year with clear, healthy skin
Article shares some new year resolution tips for improving skin health.

One thought on “Kick start the new year with clear, healthy skin

  1. Lilia Robberts says:

    People always told me to not to sleep in my make-up, but I never saw the point of why I shouldn’t. After reading this article, I now know that I am growing germs and bacteria on my face! I have so much acne right now, that I think I will need to find a doctor who specializes in skin. I need to find a place that can get me in fast! My wedding is in 3 weeks! In the mean time I will also make sure to conduct Skin TLC!

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