Are lip balms the best solution for dry chapped lips?

When things don’t feel right for our lips, whether it’s dryness or itchiness, there’s usually one thing we run to – lip balms. Thanks to the instant comfort that a swipe of a lip balm brings, we easily take the liberty of applying it on our lips as much as we want. However, are lip balms actually good for you?

Common causes of dry and chapped lips

The most common reason why lip balms exist is the undying dilemma of dry and chapped lips. Lip balms are specifically formulated to provide moisture relief to to dry, thirsty, cracked lips,.  But what really causes lips to dry?


  • Lips are more susceptible to dryness during the cold seasons. As humidity in the air drops, skin experiences moisture loss causing skin to feel dry and chapped.  In warmer months, prolonged sun exposure, especially during Summer, can also contribute to moisture depletion in our lips.

Harsh chemicals in lip cosmetics

  • Some lip makeup products contain synthetic chemical ingredients that dry the lips up. Some examples are artificial fragrance, parabens and tocopheryl acetate.

Unhealthy diet

  • Vitamin deficiency and dehydration can be visibly apparent on the lips and these are results of poor diet. Keep yourself properly hydrated by increasing your water intake and go for foods rich in Vitamins A, B and E.

Key function of lip balms

Lip balms provide instant relief by providing moisture directly to the lips to smooth out rough patches and chapping.  Lips balms also provide additional sun protection with some balms formulated for SPF15 to SPF50!  Some are specifically formulated to heal and repair cracked lips while other lip balms are purely for nourishment.

Potentially harmful ingredients in many lip balms

Although lip balms do have some great benefits, they can also aggravate dryness or even irritate the lips. Just like any other cosmetic products, lip balms may also contain harsh ingredients that can especially affect those with sensitive lips. Ingredients such as petrolatum (mineral oil) and artificial fragrances and flavors can may do more harm than good.  And some ingredients that may seem pretty harmless like camphor, menthol and salicylic acid, can aggravate lips even more.  Such ingredients soothe the lips at first, but once they evaporate, it draws the natural moisture from your lips, making it even drier than before. A vicious cycle that makes you dependent on your lip balm.

A more natural approach to healthier lips than using balms

There are plethoras of ingredients found in nature that can do wonders for our skin, lips included of course which will free you from being a slave to your lip balm. From fruit extracts to botanical oils – these potent natural ingredients have become superstars in many organic lip balms on the market today. Here are some natural ingredients that’ll be perfect for your everyday lip balm.

Castor Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil

  • Caster seed oil and jojoba oil features ricinoleic acid as its main fatty acid ingredient to deliver superior moisture and relieve chapped lips. It also reduces inflammation caused by extreme dryness or allergies.

Coconut Oil

  • Coconut Oil has impressive antibacterial properties to prevent irritations and to protect your lips from other harsh chemicals or environmental elements. It’s also an exceptional natural emollient to hydrate and improve the texture of your lips.

Eucalyptus Extract

  • Rather than going for synthetic ingredients to soothe your lips, Eucalyptus extract makes a natural alternative to provide your lips a soothing and cooling sensation in an instant. It’s also a natural antiseptic used to calm irritations.

The skin on our lips is very thin and delicate, which makes it one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Next time you are on the hunt for a new lip balm, spend some time to check out the ingredients.  Less ingredients the better. And if you are looking for vegan options look for beeswax alternatives such as candelilla or carnauba wax.  

The right choice of all-natural organic lip balms to hydrate, nourish and protect your lips will make a huge difference, not only in terms of skincare but also in terms of overall wellness.

Leave us a comment and tell us about your favourite lip balms, What are you using everyday on your lips? Be great to hear from you!  

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