Get the ultimate exfoliation with dry body brushing

As you browse through the internet, whether it’s a beauty e-commerce site or the page of your favorite beauty influencer, you may have stumbled upon the recent rising trend in dry body brushing. Beauty shops have been selling these wooden brushes with what seems like very stiff bristles.  The prospect of applying the brush to bare dry skin may seem a little daunting at first but are the benefits of dry brushing really worth all the hype?

What is dry body brushing anyway?

First of all, let’s discuss what dry body brushing is all about. As what the name suggests, it’s a way of exfoliating skin using a dry brush. No need for water or soap; just your skin and the dry brush itself. The brush used in this process usually has long, stiff bristles made from natural plant fibers like cactus or sisal. Not only does dry brushing efficiently exfoliates the skin, but it also serves as a gentle massage to help soothe the body. Now that we know what dry body brushing is, let’s get stuck into the benefits and why you should incorporate this into your skincare routine.

Exfoliation minus the grits

One of the major functions of dry body brushing is to effectively eliminate dead skin cells. The stiff bristles of the brush create a mechanical action that gently sloughs off dead skin from the surface in order to let the new layer of skin to take over. Gritty scrubs can be of different types. Some are made from synthetic microbeads, which are harmful to our environment while some are natural seeds or salt. The grit that comes from these scrubs tends to cause irritations, most especially to sensitive skin. With dry brushing, you are in control on how much pressure you’d like to use to exfoliate and while the bristles are stiff, they do not have harsh edges like other gritty scrubs so they won’t result to tiny skin abrasions.

Increases blood circulation

The process of dry brushing your body also acts as a soothing massage. And just like most massage therapies, dry brushing also helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. The friction being produced as the brush strokes the skin delivers a boost of energy into the body, stimulating the nerves and increasing blood flow. This also explains why the skin looks instantly radiant after dry brushing. T

Helps prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are usually caused by the accumulation of dead skin which leads to the blockage of the pores. As a result, the hair gets trapped under the skin and usually leads to rough patches and irritation. Dry brushing helps prevent this because of its gentle exfoliating effect. The stroking motion also encourages quick cell turnover to reveal softer, smoother and healthier skin.

What type of brush should you use for dry body brushing

There are many different types of brushes meant for dry body brushing available on the market today. One thing to note is that you should avoid brushes that have bristles made from synthetic materials or nylon. Such materials are not only harmful to the environment but are also way harsher for your skin. They are often prickly and may even result in skin irritation. An efficient brush should be made from natural materials such as fibers from sisal or cactus plants. Choose a shape that can easily reach all areas of your body to make sure everything is well-exfoliated.

How often should you dry brush?

Just like regularly exfoliating your face, dry body brushing isn’t necessarily done on a daily basis. As dry brushing gets rid of dead skin, the process also involves revealing a fresh layer of skin that’s deemed more sensitive. You have to let this fresh new layer breathe so ideally, once or twice a week is ideal. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, you can dry brush just once every two weeks. Dry body brushing can truly change the skincare game for you. It’s not only highly beneficial but also very cost-efficient too. No need to purchase expensive scrubs or get pricey peeling sessions just to improve the appearance and texture of your skin! With the right natural body brush and the proper knowledge on how to do so – you’re all set! Give it a go and let us know whether you love it or not.  We would love to hear about your experiences!

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Get the ultimate exfoliation with dry body brushing
Article explains what dry body brushing is and outlines the benefits of this practise.

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