~ generous, helpful, not causing harm or damage


~ a people, clan, tribe, or family


What We Value?

At Kind to Kin we believe in choice!

The freedom to make a thoughtful and considered decision

About our wellness, the way we live and how we treat each other and our planet.

We founded Kind to Kin with one simple mission

To provide the best selection of thoughtful green products for sustainable healthy living.


We believe in recycling and minimal waste

Multi-use not single use

And doing our bit for the environment

We love this planet, it’s the only one we have!


We support cruelty-free

Animal testing is both cruel and totally unnecessary

We don’t like nasty ingredients in our products

We have family and friends that have super sensitive skin

So we are constantly searching for gentle, natural formulations


Our range is small but curated

We continually search globally for the best offering and partner with suppliers from all over the world

To provide you the best selection of eco-friendly products for you and your family


Living green and sustainably is not easy, and

Sometimes convenience wins and we forget about the environment

They say kindness is love in action

We hope that our eco shop inspires you

To make different choices about how we could live