Acne & pimples is one of the most common skincare conditions and although not life threatening, acne on the face can often cause unnecessary angst and self-esteem issues for teens and young adults. And in some instances, scarring if the condition is severe. We often use the words acne and pimples interchangeably but are they the same? Acne refers to the skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become inflamed due to infected sebaceous glands under your skin clogging your pores with oil and dead skin cells. The symptoms are whiteheads, blackheads and more commonly red inflamed pimples or zits The cause of acne and pimples in teenagers is often due to hormonal changes caused by puberty which can trigger an increase in oil production in the skin resulting in increased risk of acne, however puberty related acne tends to improve in adulthood. However, in some cases, acne can persist into adulthood and it’s not uncommon for some people to still have pimples into their 30’s+. Other contributing factors for developing acne may include certain medication such as contraceptives; a diet high in refinished sugars and carbohydrate; and for some people, it could simply be hereditary.

Keeping skin clean and oil free is a great start to reducing the risk of an outbreak of pimples. However overzealous cleansing can sometimes make matters worse, here are some of the most commons mistakes when looking after acne prone skin:

Using a harsh, abrasive or chemical laden product to clean and exfoliate your skin may cause your skin to become more inflamed and irritated. Instead look for a gentle cleanser and keep your exfoliating routine to say once a week instead of daily.
Using the wrong cleansing and over washing your face. Contrary to popular belief a squeaky-clean face may mean that your skin is over dry which may result in the skin over compensating and producing more oil in the skin and further clogging pores. Avoid soap-based cleansing and give oil-based cleansers a go. They are great for removing make up and keep skin hydrated and balanced.
Over use of acne mediation may further irritate already inflamed skin. Spot treatments are a great solution for the pesky pimple and its very tempting to lather on the acne mediation all over the skin or apply the mediation multiple times a day in the hope that the pimple will disappear faster. However, some of these over the counter products contain harsh ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and sulphur. While these ingredients help unclog pores to reduce the risk for breakouts, they can also dry your skin which could lead to redness and peeling of skin in some instances more frequent breakouts. The best solution is to keep your skin clean and apply a thin layer once a day and only when you need it. And above all be patient. Let your skin heal which will reduce the risk of scarring and blemishes.
Looking after your skin also means that you need to ensure you feed your body a healthy and balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and high fibre produce. This should also include lots of water to flush the toxins from your skin and to keep your body hydrated. Your skin reflects what you put in your body so it’s important that you look after yourself both inside and out.

At Kind to Kin we offer a wide range of skincare products for acne prone skin to help you look after your skin naturally. This means no harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in our products. Our range of products for acne prone skin & pimples includes the best selection of natural cruelty free oil-based cleansers; soaps formulated with anti-bacterial ingredients to draw out toxins and dirt and grime from the skin; and soothing mattifying moisturisers and oil serums to replenish and rehydrate the skin to maintain the right oil balances in the skin. We also have a selection of spot treatments to minimise and keep in check pesky pimples and zits.

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