Kind to Kin cares for all skin types including sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, redness and inflammation.  Some common tell-tale signs of sensitive skin include flaky dry skin, uneven skin texture and redness, itchy or rashy skin when exposed to the sun, cold, dust or products; and skin that feels tight and sensitive to touch.

If you are experiencing some of these signs, you may need to take extra care to protect your skin from the elements that cause it such as too much sun, air pollution, dust, temperature changes, cold weather, dehydration and even lack of sleep.

One of the other ways to help protect the natural barrier function of your skin is to minimise exposure to chemical laden products; pare back your skincare routine; and use only simple natural products that have been specially formulated to help cleanse, soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

At Kind to Kin we believe that natural is best, that’s why we are love products that are anti-synthetic and free of any artificial ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, SLS that may be harmful to delicate sensitive skin. We are also mindful of scents when we select products for our shop.  As much as we adore a beautifully fragranced skincare product, we know that some of our customers do have reactions to scents, that’s why we endeavour to offer a selection of fragrance-free skin and body care products for those with super sensitive skin.

So, if you are looking for a gentle daily cleanser for sensitive skin, or an unscented light-weight  moisturiser for sensitive skin, maybe a hydrating facial wipe to remove makeup on sensitive skin we may have just what you need.  We offer a carefully curated range of skincare products for sensitive skin that includes face and body creams, day and night moisturisers, facials oils, serums, multi-purpose skin balms, body butters facial cleansers, unscented and mild soaps, calming face masks and even deodorants that will leave your skin feeling healthy, soft, smooth and glowing.

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