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At Kind to Kin we offer a selection of both vegan and vegetarian skincare products. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two labels as it can be quite confusing for people new to natural skincare.  Aren’t they the same? Not quite.  A vegan skincare product can be labelled vegetarian while a vegetarian product cannot be vegan.  Let me explain…

For beauty & skincare products to be called vegan they must be made using 100% plant derived ingredients, this means no animal ingredients in the formulation at all.  Vegetarian skincare on the other hand do contain some form of animal by-products or material such as goats’ milk, honey or beeswax.  To qualify as vegetarian, the product must not include any animal part and no animals are harmed in the manufacture of the products.  Products made with ingredients such animal fats, gelatine (derived from animal collagen) or carmine (red dye made from crushed cochineal insects often used in cosmetics and make-up) are therefore not considered either vegan or vegetarian.

The difference between vegan and vegetarian products in short follow the same principles of a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.  A vegan only eats a plant-based diet and no animals or animal produce.  Vegetarians also don’t eat animals but they do eat produce made by animals such as milk, eggs, cheese.  Skincare product labelling also follows the same principles.

At Kind to Kin we offer a wide selection of both vegan and vegetarian skincare & body products to suit your lifestyle choice.  Our range includes gentle shampoos and conditions for daily use, hydrating cleansers, body wash, day and night moisturisers, pure natural oils, eye creams, versatile skin and lip balms, creamy body butters, delicious looking soaps, facial masks and deodorants.