Green Foot Mama | Jetset Balm (70g) | Travel Aide


  • Convenient travel size for your carry-on luggage
  • Keeps skin moisturised during long haul flights
  • helps ease anxiety and fears, feelings of weariness, fatigue and isolation
  • great for freshening up prior to arrival
  • masking unpleasant odours on board

Organic Jetset Balm provides support to your body and soul during long distance travel.  Designed to help ease some of the pains of long-haul flights – recycled air, drying aircon, long periods of inactivity, stress, nausea, bad smells that you can’t move away from or do anything about – it comes in a handy 70g size is to pass the 100ml rules.   Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and centred.  Begin using 1-2 days prior to your departure and you’ll be flight-ready!