Get Spring ready with your own unique scent

Spring scents

The soft and sweet whiff of Spring already embraces the breeze this season! Spring means the obligatory cleaning to revamping your wardrobe, and also, planning your next fragrance concoctions to fit the season.

When we think of spring, the fragrance of flowers come to mind. In this article, we’ll share some captivating notes that’s more than just florals.

We’ll also share some pro tips on how to layer your fragrances for your very own bespoke scent!

Woody Spring scent of Orris

This botanical root is from a type of flower scientifically known as Iris Pallida. It’s mostly cultivated in Tuscany, Italy and is considered one of the most luxurious fragrances often used specifically for perfumery. It has a very distinct scent that can be typically described as a swirl of wood and flowers. The scent is a tad dry but very soft and warm – totally perfect to match the spring!

Calming green tea

Dried green tea leaves have a very soothing, aromatherapeutic scent that can be compared to mild orchids and fresh mint. This gentle scent perfectly balances the natural floral and grassy scent of spring time. In addition, green tea makes a very efficient binder for many other fragrance notes. It has the ability to soften the scent of stronger notes, making it more wearable for daily use.

Ocean spray mist

We’re sure you will agree if we say that the natural scent of the ocean is one of the most relaxing smells in the world.

When we think of Spring, we usually associate it with outdoor activities like a quick beach getaway. As saltwater is very distinct and savory, its scent can easily be worn any time of the day – from morning to night. It has this versatile element that makes layering other fragrance notes much easier and very recognizable.

Fresh fragrance of freesias

One of the most popular flowers during Spring is the Freesia. Freesia fragrance can be worn alone but it’s usually combined with fruity scents for a more uplifting note perfect. It has a naturally fresh scent that’s a bit earthy and sharp thanks to its peppery notes.

Why not give Freesias a go, its a great scent for layering. It’s a versatile scent that can be mixed in a wide variety of fragrance notes.


Cardamom is a very familiar ingredient in the kitchen and while you may initially think that its scent is not quite pleasing, its very distinct scent is what makes it uniquely charming.

The note of cardamom is not really the type of fragrance that can be on its own. However, this multifaceted fragrance that has soft touches of fruity, floral and musky scents have the ability to optimize other fragrance notes to make it smell more lavish and clear.

It is usually used a supporting note for much stronger fragrances such as mimosa, jasmine or mint as cardamom perfectly softens the sharpness of these scents, giving it a milder after smell.

Layering fragrances for spring

Tips on layering your Spring scents

The idea of layering perfumes may sound a bit intimidating at first. However, knowing the right way to do it can be a life-changing moment for you. Just think of creating a signature scent that only unique to you, and you alone! People would easily recognize you for the delightfully unique scent you carry rather than just having them recognize the perfume brand. This is the beauty of layering your scents. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to make it work wonderfully on you.

Understand the chemistry of your notes

When we say “chemistry”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dive into the mathematical formulations of your perfumes. It’s simply just about the notes. Start with the fragrance you really like, preferably something that’s sharp and strong as this will be your base note. Let it set for a few seconds and then carry on with another scent, something softer but a bit contrasting to your base note. Remember, the key is to give it a unique swirl of scents and working with fragrances that smell alike won’t really make a statement.

Test your Spring scents on paper first.

Layering is a trial and error process. It’s really about testing out different combinations until you find the right one that matches your personal taste and mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment! But to avoid drowning yourself in many different scents all at once, you can always test your combinations on a piece of paper first.

Less is more

Now that you have found your perfect layers, your excitement may tempt you to spray all you want. Well, let’s not try to have everybody’s noses wrinkled and just start easy with a small amount. One important rule in layering fragrance notes is to keep each note at a minimal to prevent them from overpowering one another.

Are you ready to smell like Spring?  We really hope you find this article helpful when it comes to concocting your own signature spring scents!

Get Spring ready with your own unique scent
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Get Spring ready with your own unique scent
Article with tips on scents perfect for Spring time and how to layer the fragrances.
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