Get amazing skin and avoid these common skincare fails

Have you ever wondered why your skin seems to never improve despite putting all your best efforts into your daily skincare routine? Such a dilemma can be quite frustrating, but it is not entirely an unusual concern for many. In fact, 2 out of 5 women unknowingly commit these common mistakes as part of their daily skincare routines.  Here are our top five and what you can do to fix them.

1. Exfoliating too often

Exfoliation is a vital skincare step that one should never skip. However too much exfoliation can be damaging to your skin.  When you exfoliate, you are basically removing the top layer of dead skin cells to expose the your new skin.  This ‘new’ skin is very delicate and sensitive so imagine scrubbing this area with your favorite skin exfoliator every single day! Too much exfoliation would not only irritate this new layer but also damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier and healthy cells. Nobody wants that!

Do it right: Dermatologists recommend exfoliating once or twice a week in order to give the skin a proper amount of time to heal.  It’s also better to go for a gentle exfoliator to ensure your skin is not irritated from harsh abrasions.

2. Not starting your skincare routine immediately after washing your face

Did you know that your skin is at its most sensitive after washing? The act of cleansing your skin can strip your skin of its natural moisture, especially if you use harsh cleansers.  And if you leave your skin bare for too long after, you run the risk of further dehydration when your freshly cleansed skin comes in contact with air.  Skin that feels dry and tight after washing is screaming for more moisture!

Do it right: After washing your face, pat it dry with a towel. Always remember not to let your skin air dry as this will immensely dry your skin up. As part of your daily skincare routine apply your toner and essence/serum in the first two minutes right after you wash your face to help replenish moisture immediately. Another skincare tip is to steer away from toners with alcohol.

3. Not getting enough sleep and neglecting your diet

Most importantly, unhealthy habits destroy your skin no matter how much expensive skincare products you use. Additionally, eating too much junk foods and oily foods is not the best way to treat your skin.  You are what you eat and it will show on your skin.

Do it right: Your skin needs to recharge and repair and you can do so by getting enough sleep. Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep, drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and be mindful of what you eat. Your skincare routine starts from the inside!

4. Going for the wrong sunblock formula for your skin

Your skin needs daily sun protection, not just when you are about to hit the beach. The harsh UV rays from the sun contribute to a lot of skin problems such as dark spots, premature wrinkles and in worse cases, skin cancer.   We all know we should be applying protection every day but for some of us we still end up being sunburn even after applying lotion.  Or we apply lotion that is too heavy and oily or we choose a sun block that leaves our face with a white cast.  Not a great look.  The answer to these problems may be in your choice of product and how you apply it.

Do it right: The key is to find a sunblock that suits not just your skin type but also your lifestyle. There are many types of sunblock and each may greatly vary in terms of texture and spectrum coverage. Some with higher SPF levels are specifically designed for prolonged sun exposure, some are formulated for daily wear, while some are formulated to blend with makeup.  You may find that you may need a few different lotions for specific applications (face vs body) or activities (daily use vs beach/water activities).

Whatever you choose it is important to remember to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you head out since it takes time for your skin to fully absorb it.

5. Layering too much skincare products too soon

You have to let your skin ‘breathe’. Your skin may be overwhelmed when you layer too much product on too quickly without letting each product absorbed first. Doing so would be a waste of product since you’re removing the previous layer with the new product.

Do it right: Give your skin at least 3 minutes to set after each skincare product to allow your skin to fully absorb it first. Some products with heavier textures may require a longer period for it to be absorbed so it’s ideal to keep that in mind as well.

Let us know your top skincare routine tips, we’d love to hear from you!

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Get amazing skin and avoid these common skincare fails
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